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Investors in London-listed Al Noor will be eligible toreceive 1,160 pence per share if they tender their stock, orequity in the combined group, the companies said

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The interactive billboard, mounted to a building in one of world's most tourist-trafficked crossroads, displays live images taken from a nearby camera of people locking lips and embracing

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Tesla's statement goes on to describe how Barron, behind the wheel of the Jeep, "put it in reverse and accelerated into the Tesla employee, knocking him over" and leaving him with bleeding gashes

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Police said he stabbed two officers

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Al Noor shareholders will get a special dividend of 3.28 British pounds ($5.02) or can sell their shares back for 11.6 pounds apiece.

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday the oil market would remain oversupplied in 2016.

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Forcomparison, that puts it two places ahead of HSBC, Europe'sbiggest bank, which is about 180 years older, has around 266,000more employees and holds, give or take, $2.6 trillion more inassets.

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Couple of cracking get-ups in the crowd

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"A working-class hero is a hard thing to be, and a freedom of speech hero is a hard thing to be," he says

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“I’ve seen him, both games come in, big smile on his face,” Collins said

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It's challenging for the Palestinian Authority in particular to stem the attacks because many of them are perpetrated in Jerusalem, where the PA has no jurisdiction

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Odom has two children from a previous relationship and lost a son to SIDS in 2006.

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One of them, Warren Baker, 57, praised manager Joe Maddon for the win.

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It also featured four-zone climate control, adaptive air suspension and engines with cylinder counts ranging from 6 to 12

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The 35-year-old was stabilized and taken to Desert View Hospital in nearby Pahrump, the statement said

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Latest evidence suggests they are now well-established and breeding.

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He said the data emerging from the Human Connectome Project, which also formed the basis of his study, is "bleeding-edge, state-of-the-art" stuff.

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He dedicated his win to his late father with who, he recalled, he used to have Shakespeare duels with as a boy

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Government troops took back much of the city three days later, and on Monday the Taliban announced the withdrawal of their last fighters

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Despite some key plays that have garnered the Jets a trifecta of wins, Fitzpatrick is still a below-average quarterback

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Then we thought and asked another question: ‘Then could you tell us where we should not hit?’ Again, no answer

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A fall in oil income led the government to revise down its2015 economic growth estimate last month to 3.3 percent from 3.6percent

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The UCLA analysis signifies that the reply may lie someplace in between

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Roth said he made the decision out of respect for a judge's ruling last week invalidating the state's emergency rule that prohibited being within a mile of the Mauna Kea access road between 10 p.m

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JPMorgan has been aggressively cutting costs in its Chase consumer bank through layoffs, attrition, branch closures and lower staffing levels

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For decades, researchers have wondered if the flat, northern lowlands could have held an ocean during Mars' early history

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Sofia Coppola, Calvin Klein, Grace Coddington, Rosanna Scotto, Katie Couric, and Regis and Joy Philbin were set to attend the grand opening of chic salon Louis Licari on Fifth Ave

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Analysts at Numis Securities forecast pretax profit rising24 percent over the full year, with UK like-for-like salesgaining 10.5 percent

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A youth rides his tricycle on an empty street during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, September 23, 2015

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"Either all of these geological observations, which seem to be adding up in the same direction, are incorrect (and we always have to be open to that possibility); or we're simply missing something

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"Somebody like that is a terrible coach," she exclaimed

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After all, the year-to-date monthly pace of job gains now averages 198K and the pace for the last three months is much lower at 167K

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Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), former Maryland Gov

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it's a bumpy road to shift, it always is, but at least it'sshifting into the consumers' hands."

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Matt Harvey will be able to make two starts should the Mets advance to the NLCS

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I would say, 'Hey guys, everybody attack him

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Say goodbye to painfully dull blades too, as the laser needs no replacement nor sharpening

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Added to the 325,000 allowance that everyone gets, this means a new allowance for property owners of 500,000 – or 1m for couples.

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Kellman and the lawyers for Ahmed's two co-defendants, Mohamed Yusuf and Madhi Hashi, have been battling prosecutors in hopes of loosening the special conditions of confinement ordered by the U.S

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Pub landord Rana Saif told the Mail: "It's a big waste of money - and taxpayers' money at that

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Do you find streaming services too complicated? Does a monthly subscription put you off online music libraries? Then you are the target audience

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For anyone who gets a lot of mail, that’s enough time to make Peek and Pop a no-go.

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Despite all the noise coming from the unwashed masses behind him, we actually heard Hernandez say this

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Others accuse the government ofcomplicity.

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The previous Charter was consistent with that position so we voted for it.

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